Sustainability Report
In 2017, I created Nossa Familia Coffee's first annual Sustainability Report. With their recent B-Corp certification, and their ever-evolving commitment to environmental and social responsibility, it was my job to create a report that illustrated a large amount of data  in a comprehensible and interesting way. This report was printed as 4.5x6" booklets have have since been handed out to Nossa's customers all over the globe.
Window Vinyl
To announce the opening of Nossa Familia's new cafe in SE Portland, I created a 21 foot-long perforated window vinyl that covered the 19 most prominent windows of their cafe's facade. 
Marketing Materials 
Various on-brand marketing collateral for Nossa Familia Coffee.
Menu Design
For Nossa Familia Coffee's new cafe space, I designed and illustrated the paper menus, outer sleeve, and handmade the wooden boards on which they were displayed.
Energy Trust Signs
Signage for Nossa Familia Coffee at the Energy Trust of Oregon conference

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